Why Lease with United Trailer Leasing?

The Advantage of Leasing

United Trailer Leasing helps protect your bottom line by eliminating the need for large, upfront purchases required to replace and expand your existing fleet.

The Advantage of Renting

Renting gives you the flexibility to meet immediate demands, whether they are local or nationwide – whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. Rental units are available in case of emergency so that your deliveries are on time. Rental lets you use only the trailers that you need when you need them.

Our Fleet is Designed to Meet Your Needs

United Trailer Leasing supplies a wide variety of equipment specifically designed and engineered to meet specific transportation needs: Dry vans from 28’ to 53’, air ride equipped, flat beds, step deck flats, lift gate equipped vans, refrigerated vans and a whole lot more! Lease only the minimum that you need on a contract basis, but supplement with daily, weekly, or monthly rentals to fulfill peak period demands.

Special Services

United Trailer Leasing offers specific maintenance plans to suite your needs. Our Net plan offers you the flexibility to use our maintenance facility to do the maintenance on the equipment. We offer accrual programs which allow you to bank toward ending tire and brake wear charges. To qualified customers United Trailer Leasing offers written turn-in allowances that allow a monetary amount at the end of the lease for incidental damages.

  • No Down Payments

  • 100% Deductible Payments

  • Predictable Transportation Cost

  • Eliminates Working Capital

  • Only Monthly Invoice

Storage Leasing

You know how important it is to have the space you need to manage your business effectively. And yet many growing businesses have a critical shortage of space available for paperwork and records, seasonal inventory, construction materials, tools, equipment and more! At a fraction of the cost of warehouse space, we can provide storage at your site or ours.

If your site can not accommodate on site storage we can bring it from one of our secure storage lots when needed. Our experienced team of drivers move trailers and containers as your needs require.

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