2018 – Hyundai HT Composite 53′ air ride vans

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2018 – Hyundai HT Plate vans, air ride, tire inflation(PSI), Skirts, swing door, 4100 cubic feet, low rolling resistance tires, all set fully compliant and PSI equipped to extend your tire life. High capacity floors.

  •  Trailer tracking available. Early term options and options for ownership available. 
  •  On approved credit other conditions may apply.  
  • Call us and lets see what kind of lease we can tailor for your needs. 


2006 Great Dane P-101 53′ x 102″ Swing door vans

2006 Great Dane P-101, 53′ x 102″, Swing door vans, plastic lined, 16 ” on center, log posts , Alum  or translucent roof.

Lease and rental rates in the 200.00’s/month. Great regional or local cartage vans. Available Cedar Rapids, IA and Blaine, MN. 



53′ x 102″ Flat Beds, Hyundai, Transcraft, Fontane and MAC equipped with sliding rear axle.

2004 to 2012 53′ x 102″ sliding rear axle flats, alum floor, nailers, sliding winch track.

Competitive Lease and Rental rates.  

Flat bed season is just around the corner get yours now. 

40 ‘ Swing door Ground containers

40′ ground containers –  yes we have them !! Ask for a quote today!  Great rates available…hit the contact us button! 



2001- 2005 53′ x 102″ Great Dane roll up door vans,

(30) Great regional or Local Cartage trailers Air ride, aluminum roof,  E-Trac, great city pick up and delivery trailers, trailers arriving this month.  These unit were used in s dedicated operation in the south eastern states and are extra clean. 

Low, Low, Low lease and rental rates available. OAC.

Hyundai & Stoughton Extra Wide Swing or Roll Up Door Vans with Waltco Underslider

Hyundai Swing door and Stoughton roll door, 53′ x 102″ roll door vans, extra wide features no plywood, 100 inches inside width, log post on 24″ centers, air ride suspension, swing doors allow maximum door opening of 110″. Equipped with Waltco GT44 Under slider lift gate, 4000 lb capacity, uses Waltco Trail charger for charging batteries.

  • 4,400lb to 5500lb. Capacity
  • 70”x 80” platform with 10” folding ramp
  • Retention ramp system
  • Factory-installed auxiliary battery kit, (2) group 31 batteries
  • Trail Charger TC8-Kit included
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Thermally protected power unit, power up gravity down
  • Under Ride Guard

Call for lease and rental rates. Wont last long. 

2007 to 2016 Reefers avaialble for Rent or Lease,

53′ x 102″ swing door reefers, CARB certified reefers avaialbe to rent or lease!!

  • Also save NOW  great rates on NON CARB reefers.  Contact us!!!

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